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Paris Fashion Week!!

It's March and officially Spring has sprung!  Where better to be than in the romantic city of Paris to take part in H&M's A/W16 fashion show!  30 of us formed an all-female choir to sing a specially written piece entitled "Mystery Lake" by Nicolas Godin for the show.  It was an intense few days of rehearsals before the main event on 2nd March under the dome of the historic Bourse de Commerce in Paris.   The hustle and bustle backstage was exciting!  Lots and lots of models including the UK's very own Jourdan Dunn and the US's Amber Valletta were all being primped and primed by make-up artists, hairstylists and dressers.  We were dressed by H&M and were instructed to wear nude make-up and our hair in a ponytail - the look was effective and everyone was very happy with our performance.

Check it out here:

Until the next time, au revoir Paris and merci beaucoup!


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Color Purple

Just flew back from "the city that never sleeps"...and it's very true indeed!  In NYC you can find so many things to do and see most times of the day and/or night.  I was particularly interested in the music scene as the city has a rich heritage when it comes to that.  From cats playing jazz on the streets to enthusiastic teenagers blowing the roof off in Harlem at Gospel brunch - there's something for everyone!  I bought tickets to see the much talked about Color Purple on Broadway and I wasn't disappointed at all!  The acting is amazing and the singing/music is sublime - a definite must-see!!

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Vince Pope is a BAFTA nominated composer and today saw me and some friends in the studio recording a couple of tracks for a new BBC project.  Working with Vince was a very pleasant experience as he guided us with what was required.  The atmosphere was chilled - which is the way I like it!  🙂

It's always fun working with friends who also happen to be sassy singers too!  Thanks to Vince, the engineers and Angel Studios x

Vince Pope Choir

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Lunch with these talented guys!

So today I met up with my brother from another mother Qura Rankin and my lifelong friend Nicky Brown.  Both guys are talented songwriters, composers, arrangers, musicians and all-round good guys!  Nicky & Q

Qura is visiting from LA so I thought I'd bring him to one of his old haunts when he was living here in London - Brixton Market now known as Brixton Village.  After walking around for a while, braving the chilly London winds we plumped for a nice little eatery called Senzala Creperie Bar & Cafe which serves sweet and savoury crepes....very nice and highly recommended!

I sat in the boys' company planning, catching up on life, absorbing all the wisdom they offered and howling with laughter at times as Nicky would tell stories in his inimitable way!  What a lovely afternoon 🙂

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