For more than ten years Rubee has conducted and taught choir workshops for both adults and children in association with The London Community Gospel Choir, British Gospel Arts Consortium, The BIG Sing and most recently iGospel. She is passionate about working with choirs and seeing the transformation that many experience after completing one of her workshops. What Rubee brings is much more than just teaching songs, she has a way of bringing people together with one aim; to sing with all one’s heart!


Rubee is a well respected choir leader in her field and is often asked to pull together some of the UK’s top session singers to record choral arrangements for a variety of jobs that include TV adverts and radio stings.  Her warm and professional attitude means that she is sought after and always delivers a quality performance.  Some of her most notable bookings have been:

The Brit Awards
BBC official Olympic theme tune ‘First Steps’
Holding out for a hero – BBC Comic Relief
McCains TV ad campaign
Damon Albarn Heavy Seas Choir – Jools Holland